Cesspool Pumping vs Septic Pumping

When you’re buying a property, a building for a business, or you’re building a new property, you will have to make a decision about what waste system you wish to implement. The question may seem surprising to you. There’s more than one way to remove waste from your building? This article will explain the difference between cesspool pumping and septic tank pumping and offer advantages and disadvantages of both.

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Septic Tank Pumping

The septic tank was first put into use in the year 1900. Since then, it has become a widely popular method for waste removal. The idea is quite simple. Waste and wastewater are drained through a series of pipes which end up dumping inside of a septic tank. Every so often, you need a septic tank pumping service performed to remove the waste from the tank. Tanks can often last for years though they do need to be changed. This is because they can become corroded or even break. Should that occur, the waste can escape through the tank and pollute the surrounding soil or area. No one wants to walk into their backyard and find it saturated with waste and sewer water.


However, the septic tank has a lot of advantages. Unless it is broken, the tank keeps waste from slipping into the soil. This makes the area a touch more sanitary. They’re also typically more eco-friendly. This is because they limit how much waste escapes into the environment. It can help preserve water because it can be collected, cleaned, sanitized, and returned to water sources.



Before there were septic tanks, the cesspool was the primary method for removing waste from the home. This was a method used all the way back in Ancient Rome. It was even believed to be used in Babylonia. A cesspool is basically a large pipe with holes in it. Wastewater is pushed through the holes and trickles into the soil. However, the solid waste is typically trapped within the pipe. Cesspool pumping and cesspool service are required frequently. This is because a cesspool pumping service ensures that the solid waste never reaches the holes and escapes into the soil. However, it can happen easily if you don’t have a cesspool service performed regularly.


As a result, cesspools require a lot more monitoring than a septic tank. That being said, they’re a bit more durable. While you may need a cesspool service to pump it clean, you won’t necessarily need a service to repair the cesspool.