Fear of “Foundation Repair on Long Island”!!!

“I need foundation repair on Long Island“, are the words that your worst home buying nightmares are made out of. This is when you’re home inspector is either your best friend or now your mortal enemy!

Foundation Repair on Long Island

Now you may of heard when you buy a home, the foundation is the most important part of the house. Well, location is also very important. It doesn’t make sense if your home has a great foundation but is in the middle of the ghetto. I don’t think Holmes come with bulletproof glass!

Even if the home you are looking at purchasing has a leaky roof, problems with the plumbing, problems with the electrical work, mold in the home, floors that are coming up, or anything else, that could easily be reflected in the price of the home. When it comes to a foundation, when it’s time to stay or run!

So how do you know? Well, having a home inspector is a good start. Though they may not be a fully certified foundation inspector, at least you will have a decent primary analysis for foundation repair on Long Island  for your future dream home.

What will the home inspector look for when considering if foundation repair on Long Island for your new home is needed? Well obviously he or she is initially going to look for cracks. Now believe it or not, most homes will have some type of cracking in their foundation. Especially homes in Long Island.

No one thing to consider, do not use the age of a home to determine whether or not there will be a foundation repair issue age is a very minor factor. The most important factor will be, the type of soil a home is built on and the quality of the foundation itself.

Some of the things a home inspector will notice is bowing basement walls, sagging crawl spaces, crack chimneys, porches that appear to be sinking and even cracks that I’m more than a quarter of an inch apart.

Now if any of these problems are noticed in your long island home buying search, then you will need to go beyond the knowledge of a home inspector. What do you all need is an inspection from an engineer, which can cost several hundred dollars, but will be needed to see if you need to stay or run!

No cracks are the easiest and cheapest to fix. This type of foundation repair on Long Island will cost anywhere from $2000 to $3000. Major repairs will cost anywhere from $5000 and higher. Now while some people may say “as long as an engineer says it’s fixed, then it’s OK“. Maybe that’s fine if you do not ever intend to sell your home. But if you do not see yourself keeping this new purchase for eternity, I would say run!

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  1. A lot of shadow companies out there will probably not have the correct insurance, especially if they work out of a pickup truck.

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