Mold Remediation on Long Island in High Demand

The need for mold remediation Long Island is needed more than ever before. Mold is one of the most serious problems faced by many home and business owners today. Not only does it produce a musty and unpleasant odor but can also cause property damage and health problems. When severe mold contamination is discovered, it is essential to call a mold removal in Long Island company for assistance.

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How Mold Grows

Mold requires moisture to grow so avoiding these problems in a home or business is essential. This moisture may be caused by uncontrolled humidity, broken water pipes, lack of proper ventilation, flooding, hurricanes and other wet conditions. A mold remediation on Long Island company can quickly identify where the mold has originated.

Spores, which mold produces, floats through the air, lights on various surfaces, begins to grow and digests where they land. These spores can produce asthma attacks or other reactions through skin contact, ingestion or inhalation.

In 2004 the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIH) found that the following health symptoms were connected with mold:

• Shortness of breath

• Upper respiratory tract symptoms

• Coughing

• Wheezing

Containing Mold Growth

A mold remediation on Long Island company shows that mold growth can be contained by:

• Mending leaking roofs

• Maintaining gutters or landscaping to prevent water into or under a building

• Removing damaged or wet materials

• Drying out and thoroughly washing areas that contain mold

• Hiring a professional mold removal Long Island company

Identifying a Mold Problem

Visual inspection is the most common method of determining mold growth. Popular mold growth areas include paper, cardboard, wallboard, ceiling tiles and other cellulose areas as well as food.

In floods and hurricanes, there can also be mold growth in interior walls or ceilings. Ventilation systems can also foster mold growth with damp filters. This makes it important to contact a mold remediation on Long Island company to eliminate the problem.

Many areas now have OSHA laws that require mold testing by a Long Island company to include a search for mold in homes and businesses that have undergone severe water damage. These mold testing in Long Island companies are certified by state agencies and can quickly remove all mold containing materials from the building with their expert mold removal in Long Island company team.

Mold Removal by a Long Island Company

Mold contamination areas can be cleaned by the home or business owner once it is determined that only a small area is affected. Otherwise, it is important to contact a mold remediation in Long Island company that is knowledgeable in all areas of mold removal.

When the mold removal area is large, the mold remediation in Long Island company will have a crew that is fully garbed in protective clothing. This will include a uniform, hard hat, eye protection, gloves, protective footwear and respiratory protection. The respiratory equipment can be half or full face depending on the size of the area to be cleaned and how heavy the contamination is.

Mold contamination can be a serious condition. In some river areas, it can contaminate virtually everything including leather shoes, purses and other items. This makes it essential to be sure your home or building is moisture and mold-free by checking it out with a mold testing in Long Island company.